Apostille of documents in the Republic of Kazakhstan
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Only 2 documents required

Original Apostilled Document

Power of attorney

Submit documents to an educational institution or execute documents abroad, if you do not have time, we can apostil documents for you. Our company specializes in paperwork abroad both to citizens of Kazakhstan and for foreign citizens. Entrust this work to us, and we will help you achieve your goal as soon as possible.

How is the process going?


Office meeting


Power of Attorney


Getting ready documents

We also provide services.


Do I need to come to the office of the owner of the documents?

The owner of the document must issue a power of attorney in our office.

How long does the process of apostilling documents take?

Apostille of documents takes 4 business days from the date of issuance of the power of attorney

If the owner of the document is located abroad, can documents be apostilled without his participation?

Yes, the process of paperwork is possible if you issue an apostilled power of attorney.

If the documents belong to a minor child, can one of the parents issue them or is it necessary for both parents to be present?

The presence of both parents is not necessary, enough to give one of the parents

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One of the areas of the ADALET law firm is the apostilization of documents. We advise you on issues of interest to you, help you fill out the questionnaire correctly and collect the necessary documents. Our company has already helped more than 100 clients with apostilling documents. Our company also helps to obtain a visa to Kazakhstan, a residence permit, open a company for foreigners in Kazakhstan and obtain permission to attract foreign labor. We have many years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers. We advise on these issues, and individually solve the issues of each client.